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"How To Experience Christmas Every Day"

removed started this conversation

   John 3:16---For God so loved the world that He gave us His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life".
    What a wonderful gift God gave us. The best way for us to keep Christ in our mind and heart every day is to include Him in our daily activities. There are some things that can help enable us to do that.
    Make Jesus a real part of our personal prayers. Make Jesus a part of our every day decisions. I was taught to make decisions by asking myself what Jesus would do in similar circumstances. We have to make decisions every day. Choosing what He would do not only helps us make the right decisions, but also affords us daily opportunities to include Him in our life. Share Jesus with others each day. This is easily done as we verbally give Him credit for our happiness and blessings. Pray and study to understand the Bible. Attend church Remember Jesus as you look at His creations. I see Jesus outdoors, as I look at children and and even as I look in the mirror. Jesus created everything that is good, even me Serve others. As we serve others, we are serving our God. Remember Jesus as we strive for perfection. The only way to reach perfection, as the scriptures command us to do, is in Jesus Christ. He is the only way to the Father.
    Your life is a gift from God; what you do with that life is your gift to God." When special people in our lives give us gifts, we like to thank them. How can we thank our Savior for all He has given us? By giving our lives to Him, by serving and loving others, trying our best to live the commandments each day, following Christ's example in all we do. We need to give each day to the Lord, just as He has given us each new day. Dont let a day pass without remembering the great gifts our Savior has given us, and most of all don't let a day pass without showing your gratitude for those gifts. If we remember to do this, Christ will always be in our thoughts and hearts. The pure love of Christ is a gift for which we can receive through prayer. God will bless our lives with peace, comfort and a great sense of well-being. This love will then bless the lives of those with whom we come in contact.
     Read the scriptures. Even only a verse gives a spiritual thought for the day and something to ponder at night. Praying is our most vital link with our Heavenly Father. Listen to Christmas music, tapes, videos and other media that pertain to Christmas and Christ in order to renew the feelings enjoyed during the holidays and draw us closer to our Savior. All of these strengthen our testimony and bring us joy, "the peace of God, which passeth all understanding." (Philip. 4:7.)
    To keep Christ in our hearts and minds all year, not just during the holidays, we must study the scriptures daily. We need to attend church., so we learn more about Christ and receive a spiritual uplift for the week. Listen to inspirational music. Watch the glories of God's world, the birds, the animals, growing things, the glistening snow and the towering mountains. Above all, pray daily to your Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ and thank Him for His goodness and mercy. He will listen and be with you every day.
    Feeling the warmth of our Savior's love on a regular basis comes from developing a close relationship with Him and keeping His commandments, praying and studying the scriptures, attending Church faithfully and committing and being willing to do all He asks of us. This love of Him and feeling His love for us can keep us warm and "Christmasy" all year round.
    I pray that you experience the blessing of Christmas every day, and that we all, in spite of our trials, remember what Christmas is really all about.
                                God Bless & Merry Christmas

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 in response to susie's son...   Anytime...may God bless you as well! :-)
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Love this positive post! Great Job! :-)
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